AW . . . Poor Guys Gotta Wait In Line" UNITED NATIONS (AP) - Iraq's Delegates To The UN Are Angry Because The Oil Squeeze Their Government Helped Put On The US Is Forcing UN Diplomats To Wait In Line At The Gas Station.

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"AW . . . Poor guys gotta wait in line"

UNITED NATIONS (AP) - Iraq's delegates to the UN are angry
because the oil squeeze their government helped put on the US is
forcing UN diplomats to wait in line at the gas station.

A US delegate suggested that the diplomats take the subway or
the bus.

Iraq called a meeting Thursday of the UN Committee on Relations
with the host country - The United States - so that its deputy to
the world organizatioin could complain that he and his colleagues
were waiting in line for gas when they should be out performaning
their important diplomatic duties.

He suggessted that some New York gas stations be reserved
for diplomats only.

Nobody made specific menion of Iraq's membership in OPEC
has increased the price of crude oil by more than 40% in the
past year and restricts production to keep prices up.

The committee adjourned until Monday without taking any

[Quoted from PM edition of the San Jose News Friday July 6, 1979]