This Was At SBN (South Bend, Indiana); I Was Getting Ready To Depart IFR For Oshkosh In A Cessna Cardinal RG.

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This was at SBN (South Bend, Indiana); I was getting ready to
depart IFR for Oshkosh in a Cessna Cardinal RG.

Me: Oshkosh ground, Cessna 1546 Hotel at the ramp, taxi IFR Oshkosh.

Ground: Cessna 46 Hotel is cleared to Oshkosh Airport via ...
[insert complete IFR clearance here]

[It seems to vary from one airport to another when and how you pick
up an IFR clearance. At my home base (Morristown NJ) I'm used to
saying "Taxi IFR" and getting a taxi clearance along with the
advisory "clearance on request" (which means that the ground
controller has asked ATC for my clearance). In any event, it
is quite a surprise to receive an entire IFR clearance in one
gulp when you've asked only for a taxi clearance.

Fortunately, I was up to it: I had pencil and paper within easy
reach and started copying frantically.]

Me: 46 Hotel cleared to Oshkosh via ... [repeat entire clearance here]

Ground: Readback is correct. Twin cessna 46 Hotel, taxi runway xxx...
The ultimate compliment on radio technique!

So I set out to taxi to the runway.

That's when I discovered I had forgotten to untie the tail.