I Went Out To Do Some Touch And Goes Today, And The ATIS Ended With A Slight Twist.

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I went out to do some touch and goes today, and the ATIS ended
with a slight twist......

"...altimeter 29.93. VFR departures advise ground control of
destination and altitude and you play golf."

Coincedentally, I called up right behind a KC-10 that was getting
ready to go. The exchange was;

"Wilmington ground, Cessna 54360 at ISO (the FBO ramp) with about
a 14 handicap, request tee time for the pattern."

[delay.....squelch breaks with laughter.......]

"Cessna 360 taxi to runway 24 behind the 10 iron, number 2 for
takeoff, he's a scratch golfer."

Seems that the controller (a trainee) wasn't privy to the ATIS tagline,
and his supervisor got a BIG kick out of all this.