Two Hunters Hired A Bush Pilot To Fly Them To A Remote Lake In Alaska.

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Two hunters hired a bush pilot to fly them to a remote
lake in Alaska. As he dropped them off, the pilot said,
"Now, you can legally shoot one moose apiece, but don't
do it. We can't possibly get out of here with two moose
strapped onto the pontoons." The hunters promised, but
temptation was too great, and they shot two. When the pilot
returned to pick them up he screamed and hollered, but finally
they strapped a moose to each pontoon. Went to the downwind end
of the lake, firewalled it, finally lifted off just at
the far shore. The plane struggled to climb, but the
terrain rose faster. They went into the trees. When the
noise quieted down the pilot said, "I told you SOB's we
couldn't get out of this lake with two moose aboard!"
One hunter replied, Well, we got about a half a mile
farther than we did last year!"
You can flesh it out with details. regards,
vince norris, penn state u.