I Was Inbound From A Nearby Airport In A Tomahawk, While At The Same Time Our Other Tomahawk Was Inbound From The Practice Area.

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I was inbound from a nearby airport in a Tomahawk, while at the same time our other Tomahawk was inbound from the practice area. We called up almost at the
same time the same distance from the airport.

Twr: 591, traffic off your left is another Tomahawk.
591 (me): 591 has the traffic in sight.
Twr: 436, traffic off your right is another Tomahawk.
436: 436 has the traffic.

[brief pause while the controller figures out that we're the same distance
>From the airport, going the same speed, on nearly parallel courses.]

Twr: You guys just want to fight it out amongst yourselves?

591: You go ahead, Sam.
436: Nah, I got Rodney under the hood; we'll make a wide pattern.
591: Ok. Tower, 591 will be number 1.