Otto: OK, Little Dudes, Time's Up. Everybody Out! [kids Groan, Leave, Except For Bart And Lisa] Lisa

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Otto: OK, little dudes, time's up. Everybody out!
[kids groan, leave, except for Bart and Lisa]
Lisa: Time's up?
Bart: So long, Lis. I'm going to stow away under water and go where the
pool goes. [hugs her] Have a good life.
[holds his breath, submerges, but comes up again gasping]
Otto: Sorry, Bart-dude. We gotta fill this thing with epsom salts and
jam it on over to the old folks' home.
Bart: Oh well. Same time tomorrow, Otto?
Otto: [laughs] No way, man. One day of summer is all we're budgeted
for. I guess it is kind of a tease.
-- Curse you, financial planners!, "Bart of Darkness"