Otto: Get Off The Bus Or Forever Hold Your Peace, Little Dudes!

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Otto: Get off the bus or forever hold your peace, little dudes!
Bart: Otto, you know I respect you. I mean, you always let us throw
stuff at cars and try to tip the bus on sharp turns.
Otto: Heh, damn thing nevers goes over, does it? [unintelligible
`ga-hah' noise] So what's in your head little man?
Bart: Well, I've been failing a lot of tests recently.
Otto: Yeah huh...
Bart: And, now they're talking about holding me back in the fourth grade
if I don't shape up.
Otto: That's it? Hey, relax, man! It could end up being the best thing
that ever happened to ya. I got held back in the fourth grade
myself, twice! Look at me, man! Now I <drive> the school bus!
-- "Bart Gets an F"