Jackie: I Remember Lisa's Third Birthday. She And Bart Did This Adorable Little Song And Dance Routine.

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Jackie: I remember Lisa's third birthday. She and Bart did this
adorable little song and dance routine.
Abe: Oh, heh heh! That was a real horn-honker! Let's see it.
[Bart and Lisa look at each other]
Abe: Now! Do it!
[Bart and Lisa groan]
Abe: [threatening] Do it...!
Bart+Lisa: [walk to window, turn around]
[bored] Hot dogs,
Armour hot dogs,
Abe: Sing it like you mean it! [plays harmonica]
Bart+Lisa: What kind of kids eat Armour hot dogs?
Bart: [fat voice] Fat kids!
Lisa: [squeaky voice] Skinny kids!
Bart: Kids who climb on rocks!
Lisa: [tough voice] Tough kids!
Bart: [sissy voice] Sissy kids!
Milhouse: [spots on his face] Even kids with chicken pox --
Everyone: -- love hot dogs,
Armour hot dogs,
The dogs...kids...love...to...bite!
[Home walks by with a sign for Armour hot dogs]
Lisa: Doesn't this family know any songs that aren't commercials?
Everyone: [Lisa walks off] I feel like Chicken Tonight, like Chicken
Tonight, like Chicken Tonight...
-- Lisa demonstrates the rhetorical question,
"Lady Bouvier's Lover"