Marge: And This Is For My Huggy-bug, In Honor Of This Special Day.

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Marge: And this is for my huggy-bug, in honor of this special day.
[serves Homer breakfast of eggs and bacon, spelling out "I
love you"]
Homer: [thinking] Special day!? Oh, what have I forgot now?
Now don't panic. Is it Bacon Day? No, that's crazy-talk.
Marge: [smile gradually fades from her radiant visage]
Homer: [thinking] She's getting impatient! Take a stab at it!
[aloud] Happy... Valentine's Day...
Marge: [rubbing his head] (*squeak*) (*squeak*) Aw, thank you, dear.
Homer: [in celebration] Woo-hoo!
-- Not Bacon Day, <Eggs> and Bacon Day, "I Love Lisa"