Marge: I'd Like Your Attention, Please. Homer: Quiet Marge!

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Marge: I'd like your attention, please.
Homer: Quiet Marge! This is my big moment! Bart the Bloody Pulp
Simpson is on the ropes. He's hoping I'll put him out of his
misery. Wow, you're in luck Bart! Here comes my right!
[Marge pulls the plug] Oh, no!!!!
My game! My game! I could've beat the boy! Marge, how could
you! I was so close!
Marge: I'm sorry, but this is more important than that silly loud game.
Bart: You're right Mom. I'd just like to use this occasion to
announce my retirement, undefeated from the world of video
boxing. [Homer collapses into a whimper]
-- "Moaning Lisa"