Marge: Excuse Me, Where Do I Throw This? Attenda

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Marge: Excuse me, where do I throw this?
Attendant: Over there.
Marge: Thank you. [heads off]
Attendant: Hey---wait a minute! You're going need a lane!
Marge: No thanks, I'm just here out of spite.
Attendant: [pointing to sign reading...] Can't bowl without a lane.
Marge: Well, all right.
Attendant: [hands her a scoresheet] Here you go... you keep score on
this. What sized shoes you wear?
Marge: Never you mind!
Attendant: [pointing to another sign] Can't wear street shows on the
lane. You gotta wear bowling shoes. What size please?
Marge: [grudgingly] Hmhmm... Thirteen double A.
Attendant: Thirteen double A!!! [whistles in amazement] The closest
I've got is a nine and a fifteen.
-- "Jacques to be Wild"