Apu: I Can't Lie To Myself, You Know. I _do_ Miss My Kwik-E-Mart.

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Apu: I can't lie to myself, you know. I _do_ miss my Kwik-E-Mart.
Lisa: Isn't there _anything_ you can do to get your job back?
Apu: I must go to the head office and appeal my case.
Homer: I'm coming with you. I got you fired; it's the least I can do.
Well, the least I can do is absolutely nothing, but I'll go you
one better and come along!
Apu: But, sir, the head office is in India.
Homer: OK.
Lisa: Dad, that's over ten thousand miles away.
Homer: I'm aware of that!
Lisa: That's over sixteen thousand kilometers!
Homer: D'oh!
-- Here comes the metric system, indeed, "Homer and Apu"