Apu: He Is The Benevolent And Enlightened President And C.

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Apu: He is the benevolent and enlightened president and C.E.O. of
Kwik-E-Mart -- and in Ohio, Stop-O-Mart. He is the one we must
ask for my job back.
Master: Approach, my sons. [they do] You may ask me three questions.
Apu: That's great, because all I need is one --
Homer: Are you _really_ the head of the Kwik-E-Mart?
Master: Yes.
Homer: Really?
Master: Yes.
Homer: You?
Master: Yes. I hope this has been enlightening for you.
Apu: But I must --
Master: Thank you, come again.
Apu: But --
Master: Thank you, come again.
-- The master speaks, "Homer and Apu"