Lovejoy: Hmmm. I'm A Shepherd Without A Flock.

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Lovejoy: Hmmm. I'm a shepherd without a flock. [looks
heavenward] What have I done to lose them?
St. Eleutherius:[comes to life in a stained glass window, surrounded
by a bright light]
The real question is: What have you done to keep
Lovejoy: [gasps] St. Eleutherius of Nicomedia!
St. Eleutherius:That's my name, don't wear it out.
St. Bartholomew:To inspire men, you must be brave. I introduced
Christianity to Mongolia. It didn't take, but it was
worth a try.
St. Lucian: Tell us, good Reverend, what great deeds have you done
to inspire the hearts of men?
Lovejoy: Well, I had the vestibule recarpeted.
St. Donickus: I've appeared in over eight thousand visions, and
that's the lamest reply I've ever heard.
Lovejoy: Oh, now please, I, I thought saints were supposed to
be friendly.
St. Donickus: You ... you're just lucky God isn't here.
[the light fades, and the saints return to their
repose on the windows]
-- A disturbing vision, "In Marge We Trust"