Malloy: And Little Lisa: Here's Your Saxophone. Lisa

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Malloy: And little Lisa: here's your saxophone.
Lisa: Thank you. And thank you, Dad. You got it back -- just like
you said you would.
Malloy: I sincerely regret any inconvenience that I may have caused.
And although I have stolen your material goods, let me assure
you that your dear town has stolen my heart.
Everyone: Aw!
Skinner: Oh, he's so charming.
Barney: Let's let him go!
Everyone: Yeah!
Wiggum: Oh, sorry folks. [sarcastic] Gee, I really hate to spoil this
little love-in, but Mr. Malloy broke the law. And when you
break the law, you gotta go to jail.
Quimby: Uh, that reminds me, er, here's your monthly kickback.
Wiggum: You just -- you couldn't have picked a worse time.
-- Kickbacks aren't illegal, they're in the Springfield
Towne Charter, "Homer the Vigilante"