Lisa: Oh, There's Something Unsatisfying About Scrubbing These Rocks And I Think I Know What It Is.

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Lisa: Oh, there's something unsatisfying about scrubbing these rocks
and I think I know what it is.
[a wave washes a new coat of oil on the once-clean rocks]
Marge: Lisa, I know it's frustrating, but we made a commitment, and we
have to see it through, no matter how unpleasant.
[the cleanup guy drives up]
Man: Quitting time. Okay. Scrub up and head for the communal tarp.
We're having kelpburgers, and we're going to watch a tape of
Johnny Arvik, he's the Eskimo comedian.
[Marge and Lisa stare at him for a moment]
[the next thing you know, they're driving away]
Lisa: Faster, Mom, faster!
-- "Bart After Dark"