ET Man: '70s Leading Man Troy McClure Has Finally Met The Woman Of His Dreams.

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ET Man: '70s leading man Troy McClure has finally met the woman of his
dreams. We may rememb... woman? Huh, okay! We may remember Troy
from such films as "The Verdict Was Mail Fraud", and "Leper in
the Backfield".
[clip of Troy as a football player]
[he catches the ball, backs up, and then his arm breaks off]
Lori: [laughs, then stops brutally] With his high-profile romance,
Troy's managed to shake the rumors that have dogged his carrer.
And with news of his upcoming wedding, rumor has it he's up for
some very choice roles.
ET Man: Looks like you were wrong when you called him a washed-up
deviant, eh Lori? [chuckles] All right...
-- Entertainment Tonight, no worse than usual,
"A Fish Called Selma"