Homer: Hey! We Could Be A Team... [at The Counter] Excuse Me, But My _team_ Is Ready To Bowl.

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Homer: Hey! We could be a team...
[at the counter] Excuse me, but my _team_ is ready to bowl.
Kid: You're short one person.
Homer: [seeing Otto] Uh, that longhaired freak's bowled with us for
Otto: [at a prize machine] Ooh, I don't care if it takes me all night:
I'm going to get me that lobster harmonica. Come on, lobstey --!
[it drops of the claws]
Kid: OK. Then I just need your $500 registration fee.
Homer: $500?! [quickly subdued] Oh, no problem. Will you take an out-
of-state two party bad check?
-- Not on his mother's grave, "Team Homer"