George: I'll Ruin You Like A Japanese Banquet! I'll Take Your Head And -- Gorbachev!

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George: I'll ruin you like a Japanese banquet! I'll take your head and
-- Gorbachev! Heh, what are you doing here?
Mikhail: I just dropped by with present for warming of house. Instead,
find you grappling with local oaf.
Homer: Oh, brought some of your commie friends to help you fight
dirty, eh?
George: But Mikhail, they put a wig on my head, my memoirs --
Barbara: George! This is the last straw. You apologize to Homer right
George: But Bar, [quietly] we can't show any weakness in front of the
Barbara: [reproachful] George...
George: [pause] Yes, dear.
Mikhail: [speaks Russian to his driver, and laughs]
-- No translation needed, "Two Bad Neighbors"