George: [sighs] Just Going To Relax With My "U.S. News And World Whatnot".

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George: [sighs] Just going to relax with my "U.S. News and World
Whatnot". [opens magazine] Oh, good: they're roasting the new
Bart: [in the style of Dennis the Menace] Hello, Mr. Bush!
Barbara: George, this is a neighborhood boy, Bart Simpson. He came over
to say hi.
George: [unimpressed] Hello.
Bart: Hi. Hey, what's this?
George: My electric card shuffler. Don't go near that --
[Bart plays with it, and cards fly]
Now, I _told_ you...oh, those cards are from Air Force One, and
they only give you so many packs!
Barbara: Oh, George, boys will be boys. Bart's just being friendly.
Why don't you get off that sofa and show Bart your photos?
George: Oh, but he'll gunk 'em all up. His hands are probably covered
with mud and cookies.
[Bart shows his clean hands]
Oh, he probably stole a napkin.
-- No student of Occam, Bush, "Two Bad Neighbors"