Lisa: Dad? Homer: Yes, Honey? Lisa: Um...Mom Just Baked A Cake.

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Lisa: Dad?
Homer: Yes, honey?
Lisa: Um...Mom just baked a cake.
Homer: Ooh! [walks into kitchen] Huh?
Marge: Homer, we need to have a serious talk.
Homer: You dragged me all the way from work for that?
Marge: Let's quietly and calmly discuss the pros and cons of your
controversial plan, shall we?
Homer: I --
Marge: Con! You're endangering your health.
Homer: Pro: I'm drought-and famine-resistant.
Marge: Con! You're setting a bad example for the children.
Homer: Pro: I, er, don't have to go to work.
Marge: Con! You're running the air conditioner non-stop. It's freezing
in here.
Homer: Pro. Uh...uh.. I love you?
Marge: Con: I'm finding myself less attracted to you physically.
Homer: Marge, this is everything I've ever dreamed of right here and
nobody's gonna take it away from me. You never had faith in me
before, but let me tell you, the slim lazy Homer you knew is
dead. Now I'm a big fat dynamo! And where's that cake?
Marge: There's no cake.
Homer: [sulking] Oh.
-- The cake was the cheese, "King-Size Homer"