Burns: [clears Throat] I'm Pleased To Dedicate This Remote Work Terminal

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Burns: [clears throat] I'm pleased to dedicate this remote work
terminal; it will allow our safety inspector here to perform
his duties from home. And so excelsior to you, Mr...[to
Smithers] What's the name of this gastropod?
Smithers: Simpson, Sir. One of your chair moisteners from Sector 7G.
Burns: Yes...Simpson!
[Everyone claps.]
Homer: [teary] Thank you for your pity.
Lisa: Mom, were you ever planning to step in and put a stop to this?
Marge: Normally your father's crackpot schemes fizzle out as soon as
he finds something good on TV. But this season...[shudders]
-- The wonder of self-reference, "King-Size Homer"