Homer: I Don't Want To Alarm You, Marge, But I Seem To Be Trapped In Here.

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Homer: I don't want to alarm you, Marge, but I seem to be trapped in
Marge: Hmm. I better call Ned. He has a ladder!
[in 3D land]
Homer: What's going on here? I'm so bulgy.
[taps his belly; it ripples for a while]
My stomach sticks way out in front and my -- aah!
[checks out his bulgy behind]
[in the living room]
Ned: [on top of his ladder] Well, as the tree said to the lumberjack,
I'm stumped.
Selma: Hmm. It's like he just disappeared into fat air. [laughs]
Homer: Hey! Shut up.
-- Strike two, "Treehouse of Horror VI"