Moe: Oh, Everybody Is Going To Family Restaurants These Days, Tsk.

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Moe: Oh, everybody is going to family restaurants these days, tsk.
Seems nobody wants to hang out in a dank pit no more.
Carl: You ain't thinking of getting rid of the dank, are you, Moe?
Moe: Ehh, maybe I am.
Carl: Oh, but Moe: the dank. The dank!
Moe: [dreamy] Yeah, family restaurants. That's where the big bucks
are. [rubs grime off the mirror] I could turn this joint into a
place where you wouldn't be ashamed to bring your family, huh?
Homer: I'm not ashamed. [puts Maggie on the bar]
[she sucks on a drink umbrella]
Moe: Hey, put a coaster under that.
-- The genesis of an idea, "Bart Sells His Soul"