Marge: I Knew This Would Happen. I Put You On The Jury And You Vote For The Stupidest Film.

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Marge: I knew this would happen. I put you on the jury and you vote
for the stupidest film.
Homer: I have every right to be on that jury, even though I got there
because I'm sleeping with the head of the festival.
Jay: How many times have I heard Rex Reed say _that_?
Homer: Oh, great, now _you're_ going to make fun of me!
Jay: No, Homer, I won't make fun of you. But I will suggest there
may be better things in life than seeing a man get hit in the
groin with a football.
[a football hits Jay in the groin]
Nelson: [off-camera] Ha ha!
Marge: Well, Homer?
Homer: Marge, I've got some serious thinking to do.
[inside his head, two monkeys do calculus on a blackboard]
-- Homer, still a primate, albeit an advanced one,
"A Star is Burns"