Homer: Oh. We Left At 1:30pm Monday. What Time Is It Now?

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Homer: Oh. We left at 1:30pm Monday. What time is it now?
Lisa: It's 6:45am next Wednesday. You may also be interested to know
that it's summer here, not winter.
Homer: Oh! [throws his sled away]
Bart: What does that sign say? ["Advisory: foreign florae and faunae
prohibited!"] I thought they spoke English here!
Lisa: It says you can't bring in outside plants or animals. Any
foreign creature you bring in could upset the environmental
Bart: Oh. [removes toad from bag] Sorry, girl. I don't want to get
into any more trouble down here. I'll pick you up on the way
home. [puts it on the edge of a fountain]
-- Bart, ecosystem havoc-wreaker, "Bart vs. Australia"