Homer: Oh, You're Pregnant! We're Going To Have To Have A Baby.

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Homer: Oh, you're pregnant! We're going to have to have a baby. All
our financial plans are ruined. We're doomed...doomed, I tells
[Homer's head expands, then explodes]
Marge: [in the present] Bart, let your father tell the story.
Homer: Yeah!
Bart: OK, but I know funny.
Homer: Anywho...
Homer: [in the past, still headless] [weeps] We're doomed!
Marge: [voice-over] Homer, you had a head.
Homer: [voice-over] Check.
[a new one grows]
Marge: And your bottom was a little bigger.
Homer: Aw.
[it inflates like a balloon]
-- Poetic license, "And Maggie Makes Three"