Lisa: Anyway, Mom, Maybe You Should Go Into Therapy.

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Lisa: Anyway, Mom, maybe you should go into therapy.
Marge: No, I don't need therapy, I'm fine. And it's too expensive.
Homer: And I don't believe in it! It breaks up families, turns wives
against husbands, children against fathers, neighbors against
me. You don't have to pay some fancy psychiatrist ten bucks an
hour to get top-notch therapy.
[at KBBL]
Psychic: Hello, "Radio Psychic". You will die a terrible, terrible
Marge: [on the phone] [gasps]
Psychic: Ooh, I'm sorry! That was our last caller. OK, I'm getting
something now. Hmm. OK, you will die a terrible, terrible
Marge: But I --
DJ: Thank you for calling "Radio Psychic". Do you have a song
Homer: [running to the phone] "It's Raining Men"!
-- Homer "Waylon" Simpson, "Fear of Flying"