Bart: Hmm, I Wonder Where Jimbo Is Today? He Should Have Beaten Us Up For Our Lunch Money An Hour Ago.

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Bart: Hmm, I wonder where Jimbo is today? He should have beaten us
up for our lunch money an hour ago.
Uter: [cutting in line] Oh, lunch lady? Please to have another
sloppy Jimbo? [to Bart] Das ist gut, nein? [chomps]
Skinner: Now that's your third helping, young man, making you fat and
soft...[licks lips] and tender. Er, you just cut in line,
didn't you? Report to detention, Uter.
Uter: For how long?
Skinner: [quietly] Oh, about seven minutes a pound should do it.
-- That'll take over 700 minutes,
"Treehouse of Horror V"