Doris: OK, I Got Your German Grub Right Here. [serves Bart, Who Eats, And Walks Away] Lisa

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Doris: OK, I got your German grub right here.
[serves Bart, who eats, and walks away]
Lisa: Bart, does it strike you as odd that Uter disappeared and
suddenly they're serving us this mysterious food called
Skinner: [walking up in leiderhosen] Oh, relax, kids, I've got a _gut_
feeling Uter is around here somewhere. [chuckles] After all,
isn't there a little _Uter_ in all of us? [chuckles] In fact,
you might even say we just _ate_ Uter and he's in our
_stomachs_ right now! [laughs] Wait...scratch that one.
-- A little too literal, "Treehouse of Horror V"