Answers To Last Fortunes' Questions: 1) None. (Moses Didn't Have An Ark).

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Answers to Last Fortunes' Questions:
1) None. (Moses didn't have an ark).
2) Your mother, by the pigeonhole principle.
3) You don't know. Neither does your boss.
4) Who cares?
5) 6 (or maybe 4, or else 3). Mr. Alfred J. Duncan of Podunk, Montana,
submitted an interesting solution to Problem 5. Unfortunately, I lost it.
6) I know the answer to this one, but I'm not telling! Suffer! Ha-ha-ha!!
7) There is an interesting solution to this problem on page 10,953 of my
book, which you can pick up for $23.95 at finer bookstores and bathroom
supply outlets (or 99 cents at the table in front of Papyrus Books).