Rimmer: But That Was A Barroom Brawl, That Was A Common Pub Fight, A Shambolic Drunken Set-to.

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Rimmer: But that was a barroom brawl, that was a common pub fight,
a shambolic drunken set-to.
Lister: ...which you started.
Rimmer: I just made an innocuous comment. I merely voiced the rumour that
McWilliams was sexually tilted in favour of sleeping with the dead.
I didn't start the rumour; I merely voiced it.
Lister: ...to his face -- right to his face...when he was with his four
biggest mates. And then you do your roadrunner act and leave /me/
to face the music.
Rimmer: Well, I could have got hurt!
Lister: You'd have made a brilliant general, wouldn't you?
-- Red Dwarf - 'Marooned'