Rachel: So Pheebs, Pick One Of Them. Monica: Yeah.

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Rachel: So Pheebs, pick one of them.

Monica: Yeah. Which one do you like more?

Phoebe: Well, Vince is great, y'know `cause, he's like a guy, guy. Y'know?
He's so burly, he's sooo very burly. (giggles)

Joey: Okay, good, so there you go. Go with Vince.

Phoebe: Yeah, but Jason's really sensitive.

Chandler: Well sensitive is important, pick him.

Phoebe: Yeah.

Joey: Oh sure, go with the sissy.

Phoebe: Jason is not a sissy!

Joey: Oh no-no-no-no, I meant Chandler.

Excerpt from the TV Show "Friends"