The Rich Ex-aggie Reluctantly Sent His Son To Rice.

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The rich ex-aggie reluctantly sent his son to Rice. In his first year the
son got a girl in trouble, so the fast thinking lad sent his dad a letter,
saying that a professor at Rice could teach Ol' Yeller to talk for $1,000.
Impressed, the ex-aggie sent the money and Ol' Yeller to his son. A few
months later, the son committed the same indiscretion so he wrote his dad
a letter, saying the professor wanted to teach the dog to read. Again the
ex-aggie came through with the money. At the end of the year, the rich ex-
aggie met his son at the backyard heliport. Lo and behold, there was the
son, but no Ol' Yeller! "Where's thuh dawg, son?" inquired the rich Texan.
"Yah know, Paw," said the son, "two nights ago Ol' Yeller and I were having
a chat while he was reading thuh paper. I said it sure would be good to come
bak home, and Ol' Yeller said 'Yeah, I miss the ranch too.' And he said he
wondered if the old man was still fooling around with the French maid. And
you know, Paw, I got so mad at that remark that I reached over and choked
that old dawg. Before I could control myself, Ol' Yeller had died." Quickly
the ex-aggie leaned forward and anxiously whispered in his son's ear, "Are
you sure that dawg is dead, son?"