A Brit And A Scot Where Standing On A Corner Talking When An Irishman Walked Up.

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A Brit and a Scot where standing on a corner talking when an Irishman walked
up. "You know what," said O'Brien, "I just went into that pub over there,
ordered a pint, and played some darts. When I walked out of the pub the
barkeep told me to pay up. So I told him I paid when I got my pint. He
didn't do anything to me, so I got a free drink!" Smyth-Jones, the Brit,
liked the idea so much he went into the pub and did the same thing the
O'Brien did. An hour later Smyth-Jones came out and told the Irishman, and
MacGregor, that the barkeep didn't give him any trouble either. So MacGregor
decided to try too. He walked into the bar and ordered a pint. As MacGregor
talked to the barkeep, the barkeep mentioned the two blokes who walked out
without paying. MacGregor asked the barkeep why he did nothing. The barkeep
said, "I'm not looking for trouble." MacGregor replied, "Well it's getting
late - if you'll give me my change, I'll be heading home ..."