There Once Was A Business Executive Who Decided He Needed A Little Rest From The Daily Routine, So He Decided To Take His Pretty, Young Secretary To A Hotel For Some Whoopee.

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There once was a business executive who decided he needed a little rest from
the daily routine, so he decided to take his pretty, young secretary to a
hotel for some whoopee. He rented a very nice, quiet room and they spent
the day drinking, going to bed, having lunch, drinking some more, back to
bed again, etc. Finally 5 o'clock came and they had to go their separate
ways. On the way home, he was thinking about what excuse he could tell his
wife if she was in the mood for having a 'party' tonight. He drove up the
driveway of his home and sure enough, there was his wife at the door, all
arrayed in a pretty gown and negligee, with pipe, slippers and cool drinks.
She led him into the house, with all the sweetness she possessed, to his
favorite armchair. He thought, "God I hope that this doesn't build up to
something." They sat back and relaxed, sipping their drinks and talking.
Suddenly, she said that she had forgotten something in the bedroom, got
up and said she would be right back. He thought, "Oh Lord, here it comes."
As soon as she had left the room he jumped up, unzipped his trousers, pulled
out 'Jasper' and started to bend it and whip it around trying to get some
life into it, but nothing happened - it did not help a bit. He heard her
returning so he stuffed 'Jasper' back into his trousers, zipped them up,
sat down and sighed. They continued their conversation, then she asked him
if he would care for another drink, and he replied that he would, so off
she went to the kitchen to fix it. He jumped up immediately, opening his
pants again, out with 'Jasper', up and down, around and around, back and
forth - all this with much more vigor than before - but to no avail. He
decided he would just have to tell her that he was too tired for the fun
and games tonight. She returned with their drinks, sat down and said,
"Dear, I've a most wonderful surprise for you, and I know that you will
be perfectly delighted." He thought, "Sure I will." Then aloud, "Well,
what is it?" She answered sweetly, and with a sly smile, "Guess what,
we're on Totally Hidden Video!"