After Many Years Of Marriage John Was Suddenly Very Ill.

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After many years of marriage John was suddenly very ill. The
doctors ran test after test but could not determine what was
wrong. Finally he was admitted to hospital. Every day he got
worse and worse. Just when everything looked blackest he woke
up asked for eggs and grits. Soon he was nearly back to his
old self and was told they would release him the next day.
To surprise her husband, Joan showed up in a limousine. John
was surprised at her extravagance but held his piece. After
riding for a while he could not contain himself and complained
about the expense of renting a "limo".
"Oh, don't worry about the money dear, we own it."
This was almost too much for John. "My God, women where do you
get off taking our life savings and buying such a toy!"
"Now, now dear, don't get upset. I didn't touch a penny of the
savings. As a matter of fact there are a few other things I
need to tell you about." Then she proceed to point out
several pieces of property that they own, some of them large
downtown buildings.
Just a little more than little impressed he asks where all the
money came from to acquire all this wealth.
"Do you remember when we got married and every time we made
love you put $10 in a jar? Well, I invested the money and over
the years have built up a nice retirement account."
"Jeees", he said, "If I'd a know that, I'd a given you all my
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