A New Bride, Being Very Pure And Innocent Was Quite Nervous About Her Honeymoon Night.

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A new bride, being very pure and innocent was quite nervous about
her honeymoon night. That evening they were staying upstairs from her
mother and wwhen bed time came and her husband took off his shirt
the nervous newlywedd ran down to her mother screaming, "Mother, Mother
his chest is all hairy". Mother calmley replied, "Just go back
upstairs relax and do what he says."
She returned upstairs and her husband removed his pants. She saw
his hairy muscular legs, again she darted downstairs yelling, "mother
Mother, his legs are all bumpy and hairy." "relax", advised her mother,
"just go back upstairs and do what he tells you." Well once again
she returned upstairs only to notice this time that her husband
had lost 1/2 of his left foot in an accident. Down the stairs she ran
screaming "Mother, Mother, he only has a foot and a half."
"wait here, I'll be back in awhile." her mother said.