There Was This Def Mute Couple And They Really Wanted To Make Love.

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There was this def mute couple and they really wanted to make love.
The girl said that she would, only if he had a condom. The guy then ran
to his dresser and grabbed a 10 dollar bill. Out the door he went in search
of a condom. When he arrived at the drug store he remembered that he didn't
know how to sign the word condom. In desperation, he unzippered his pants
and layed it on the counter.Then he slaped down his 10 dollar bill.
The Pharmacist came over and looked at what the guy had done. The phamacist
then unzippered his pants and layed his on the counter.
"Ha mines bigger" yelled the pharmacist. He took the 10 bucks.

He's dim, Jed!