A FEW LESSER KNOWN FAMOUS QUOTES Here Is A List Of Famous Quotes And Words Of Wisdom Developed By The Engineers From The (now Defunct) Salt Lake City Operation Of Hewlett-Packard.

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Here is a list of famous quotes and words of wisdom developed by
the engineers from the (now defunct) Salt Lake City Operation of
Hewlett-Packard. Over a period of several days they slowly appeared on a
centrally located white-board. One day I copied them down to save them
for posterity. --- Brett Carver, HP, Palo Alto, 5 May 90
01 "Code so clean you can eat off it."
02 "Learned more from a three minute bug fix than we ever did in school."
- Bruce Sprinsteen
03 "Four score and seven (hundred) bugs ago, our fore-fathers brought
fourth a new application." - Gettysbug Address
04 "If we can't fix it, it isn't broken." - Lab Manager
05 "Never test for a bug you don't know how to fix." - QA Manager
06 "Don't break it if you can't fix it." - Marketing Manager
07 "I think therefore I create bugs." - Descartes
08 "Debug is human, de-fix devine."
09 "There's a bug born every minute, and two to replace him." - P.T.Barnum
10 "The Bugs of Wrath" - John Steinbug
11 "There are two ways to write bug-free code; only the third way works. -
unknown consultant
12 Final Message from the Titanic: "Fatal crash due to icebug"
13 "Bugs Bunny was an optimist."
14 "One small bug for man, one great program for mankind." - N. Armstrong
15 "The bug is mightier than the fix." - Cyrano deBuggerac
16 "Man does not live by bug fixes alone." - The Super-user
17 "For every bug fixed, there is a bigger bug not yet discovered."
18 "The bug stops here." - Harry Trubug
19 "Frankly, Scarlett, I don't have a fix." - Rhett Buggler
20 "I regret that I have but one fix to give for my country."
- Nathan Hale
21 "I have just begun to debug." - John Paul Jones
22 "... Jesus cried with a loud voice; Lazarus, come fourth; the bug hath
been found and thy program runneth. And he that was dead came
fourth. - John 11:43-44
23 "Bugs, bugs everywhere, and not a fix in sight."
24 "I never met a bug I didn't like." - Will Rogers
25 "A feature is a bug with seniority."
26 "This time I'm going to get that cwwwazzy ewwwor." - Elmer Fudd