Calgary, Alberta Feb 17 1988 AP; A Disturbance Interrupted The Second Hockey Game Between Poland And Czeckoslavakia Today.

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Calgary, Alberta Feb 17 1988 AP;
A disturbance interrupted the second hockey game between Poland and
Czeckoslavakia today. When the Czech team skated onto the ice in their
new Michael Jackson look team uniforms, the New Polish team (the tallest
hockey team ever put into a uniform, averaging slightly more than 3 meters
tall) refused to take to the ice. When the referee asked why they would not
play the odd looking Czech team the Polish coach Stanislaus Yarchevski said,
"We wouldn't touch a BAD Czech with a 10 foot Pole".

Nothing really happened during Rev. Swaggart's encounter with the
prostitute--all he did was ask her for money.

Q: What are the four enemies of Soviet Agriculture?
A: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.

Q: How do you stop a runaway horse?
A: Bet on him.

Q: How many animals did Moses take onto the ark with him?
A: None. \fBNoah\fP had the ark.

Q: What do you call tax-exempt TV Evangalists?
A: Windfall Prophets.

Q: If somebody gives you fifty female pigs and fifty male deer,
what do you have?
A: One hundred sows and bucks.

Cat 1: I tell you I saw a mouse go into that hole.
Cat 2: You better not feline to me.

Top 5 most incredibly mind-bogglingly stupid questions
5. If 0/N=0, N/N=1 and N/0 is undefined, then what is 0/0?
4. Do fish get thirsty?
3. How do you write zero in Roman numerals?
2. Do vampires get AIDS?
1. Did Adam and Eve have belly-buttons?