There Once Was A Jewish Mother, Whose Son Came Home One Day And Announced To His Mother That He Was Marrying A Christian And Would Become A Christian And No Longer Be A Jew.

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There once was a Jewish mother, whose son came home one day and announced
to his mother that he was marrying a Christian and would become a Christian
and no longer be a Jew.
His Mom was horrified and went to see her friend.
She told the friend, "My son is marrying a Chrstian and becoming a Christian
and he will no longer be a Jew."
She said, "Fancy that! That same thing happened to me."
So, they went to see their rabbi, who was in sobs when they went into his
office. They calmed him down enough to tell him what had happened in their
families. The rabbi said, "Fancy that. The same thing happened to me."
So they discussed what they could do, and they all agreed that all they could
do would be to pray to G-d.
So, they all told G-d their story.
And, half way through the story came a booming voice.
"Fancy that..."