It Happened During World War Two. A Pilot Was Shot Down Somewhere Over The South Pacific.

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It happened during world war two. A pilot was shot down somewhere
over the South Pacific. He ditched his plane in the water, got into
his little rubber boat, and paddled over to an island which happened
to be nearby. When he landed, he found a number of other pilots who
had also been shot down, some of them having been there for some time.
One of them first things he asked was, "What do you guys do for girls?".
One of the replied, "Oh, no problem. There's another island just a
little ways off that's covered with wild sheep. Every now and then
we paddle over there, and that takes care of the problem. Next time,
why don't you come along?". He answered back, "Forget it. I don't
go for that sort of thing". Well, time passed. Every time they
went over to the other island, they invited him along, but he kept
refusing. Eventually, things got pretty desperate. The next time
a bunch went over, he said, "Oh what the heck!", and went along.
As they landed on the other island, each guy (including our hero)
jumped out of the boat, grabbed himself a sheep, and began to make
love to it. As our hero was thus occupied, he noticed some of the
other guys snickering and pointing fingers at him. Understandably,
he got quite upset and said to one of them. "All right, What's so
damned funny?". The other replied, "Hah hah! You picked the ugliest
one on the whole island!".