A Mouse Walkede Into A Pub, Approached The Bar, And Sat On A Stool.

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A mouse walkede into a pub, approached the bar, and sat on a stool. Looking
down the bar he spotted a beautiful giraffe. "Hey bartender," the mouse said,
"Send that cute giraffe at the end of the bar a drink on me". The bartender
replied, "Listen buddy, every eligible man in the bar has tried to hit on
that giraffe all night long. She just isn't interested. Save your money."
But the mouse insisted, "Look pal, I know what I'm doing - just send the
lady a drink." Not wanting to start a fight, the bartender did as he was
told and, to his amazement, he noticed the mouse make eye contact with the
giraffe. The mouse moved down the bar and at on a stool next to the giraffe.
They began to talk, and pretty soon they left the bar together. The next day,
in walked the mouse, his clothes are a mess, his tail broken - he looked
just awful. The bartender exclaimed, "Jesus Christ mouse! What the hell
happened to you? You look like a drowned rat!" The mouse mumbled, "Well I'll
tell ya' pal, between smoochin' and fuckin' I must have run a thousand miles
last night ..."