A Man And His Wife Had Gotten Into The Habit Of Referring To Making Love As "doing The Laundry" So Their Kid's Wouldn't Know What Was Up.

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A man and his wife had gotten into the habit of referring to making love as
"doing the laundry" so their kid's wouldn't know what was up. One day the
man came home from work and said to his wife, "Honey, let's do some laundry."
"Not now," she said, "I've had a hard day and I just wanna watch a little
t.v." "OK," he says, "I'm gonna go take a nap." Time passed and the missus
decided that a little whoopee might be just the thing so she joined her hubby
in the bedroom. "I've changed my mind, let's do some laundry " she said.
"Sorry," said the husband, "but I just had a small load, so I did it by