An Attractive Young Secretary In Her First Week On The Job Got Some Friendly Advice About The Office Romeo From The More Matronly Office Workers.

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An attractive young secretary in her first week on the job got some friendly
advice about the office Romeo from the more matronly office workers. "Watch
out for 'Tiny' ... Stay away from 'Tiny'," they warned her. After a few weeks
on the job, two of the older secretaries cornered her in the copy room. "I
see you worked after hours with Tiny last night," one began. "Did Tiny make
any moves on you when you were alone?" the other asked. The pretty young
secretary didn't know quite what to say. She replied that she had a most
pleasant evening, and she didn't know why everyone kept calling him
'Tiny'. "Oh, I guess you didn't find out last night after all," one of
the older women laughed. "You see, he has a tatto on the side of his penis
that says 'Tiny'." "Then we must be talking about two different people,"
the young secretary rplied, "The man I was with has a tatoo that says
Ticonderoga, NY."