A Senator Dies And Goes To The Pearly Gates. There Is A Long Line There So The Senator Goes To The Head Of The Line And Says, "I'm Senator Blamsphey.

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A Senator dies and goes to the Pearly Gates. There is a long line there
so the Senator goes to the head of the line and says, "I'm Senator
Blamsphey." Saint Peter looks at him and says, "You'll have to wait in
line like anybody else." Shortly thereafter, a lawyer shows up and goes
to the head of the line. Saint Peter sends him back, too. Then, a
former Prime Minister dies and the same thing happens.

A little while later, this doctor comes strolling by, goes to the head
of the line, and Saint Peter lets him into Heaven. Well, the Senator,
lawyer, and ex-Prime Minister are quite upset, so they go to Saint Peter
and ask him why they let a doctor through but they wouldn't talk to
them. Saint Peter says, "Oh. That was no doctor. That was God; he
just likes playing doctor."