Lymerick Telling Competition It Was The World Final Of The Lymerick Telling Competition And There Was A Tie For First Place.

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Lymerick Telling Competition

It was the world final of the lymerick telling competition and there was a tie
for first the judge decided that the only way to find a winner was
to have a joke off....he announced that he would select someone from the
audience and whatever word that person said the two finalist would have to say
a lymerick that ended in that word
the judge pointed to a guy and the guy stood up and yelled out Timbucktoo
so the two finalist had to say a lymerick that ended in Timbucktoo
the first guy got and said

I've been a parson all my life
saving people from sin and stife
I've read the bible through and through
all the way from oodnadatta to Timbucktoo
(oodnadatta a place in Australia)

the second guy got up and said:

Tim and I a shearing went
we met three sheilas in a tent
they were three and we were two
so I buck one and Timbucktoo