A Very Rich Man, Who Was Very Close To His Money, Got Together With His Closest Friends One Day, Who Happened To Be A Priest, A Doctor, And A Lawyer (or Course.

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A very rich man, who was very close to his money, got together
with his closest friends one day, who happened to be a Priest, a
Doctor, and a Lawyer (or course.)

The Rich Man was very old, and getting older, and was thinking
about his approaching death. He told his three friends this,
and asked them to do a favor for him when he died.

"Here are three envelopes, each contain $100,000, one for each of
you. I don't wish to go to the afterlife without my money.
Please, when I am buried, would each of you throw your
enveloples into the grave on top of my coffin?"

The three friends agreed, and took the envelopes.

Sure enough (of course) the Rich Man died. At his funeral, the
Doctor, the Priest and the Lawyer threw their envelopes on his

As they were leaving the funeral, the Priest said to the others,
"I have a confession to make. The church needed a new altar
badly, so I . . . I took $5000 to buy it," and looked at his

The Doctor said, "Well, since ou've admitted it, I too must
confess that I took the money. The children's hospital where I
work needed a new, expensive X-ray machine, so I took $30,000 to
buy it."

The Doctor and the Priest both turned to the lawyer, expecting a
similar confession. Instead, he said "Oh, now, I didn't take any
of the money. I put a check for the entire $100,000 in the