A Loandlord Has A Homosexual Couple And A Lesbian Couple Living In His Building.

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A loandlord has a homosexual couple and a lesbian couple living in his
building. He decides to evict them. Who moves out first and why?
The homosexuals do because they already got their shit packed

Q. How do 2 homosexual men ("fags") fake orgasm?
A. Spit on each other's backs.

Once upon a time, there were no Bengalis, only human beings. One day, a group
of people (humans of course) came upon Lord Krishna as he sat in meditation.
Now these people did not know of Krishna's powers. All they saw was a blue
man - with a frisbee and a flute - sitting there doing nothing. So they
began heckling him.
Lord Krishna, the Spirit of the Universe incarnate in mortal flesh, told those
people, "Please stop heckling me!"
But the people did not stop. In fact, they heckled him even more, and started
putting small rocks down the back of his shirt.
Lord Krishna, repeated plaintively, "O people please do not heckle me anymore,
nor put small rocks down the back of my shirt particularly!"
But the people just laughed, and heckled even harder, and put even more small
rocks down the back of his shirt.
Finally Lord Krishna waxed wrothful. "If you do not this heckling and rock-
putting business, ohh, I will do something terrible!"
But they did not believe him, and kept on.
Now Lord Krishna arose, and his aspect was as terrible as a thousand suns. He
waved his arm and lo! the people were not people anymore. He had turned them
all into Bengalis.
Other people saw what Lord Krishna had done, and came running up to him in
supplication. "Please, Oh Lord our God, please forgive these people. Their
crime was not commensurate with the terrible vengeance you have visited upon
Krishna considered this and said, "You are right. I will condition my curse
upon these unfortunates. As soon as any one of them does something sensible,
I will turn them all back into human beings."
Moral: Tagore was close - but not close enough.

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?
Great food but no atmosphere.

Seen on a button:
I am fron the non-sequitor society. We dont make any sense, but we
do enjoy skiiing.